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    After a beam hit his head, Dreiser's father was subject to dramatic mood swings; this brain damage caused him to became an evangelist Survey of American Literature Theodore Dreiser, the twelfth of 13 children, was born in Terre Haute, Indiana, in By this time, his.

    There wouldn't have been the need for a grand gesture of taking Carrie with him in order to prove and rekindle their "love. Another possible outcome of the reopening of the safe is that Hurstwood might have had to fight against Druet for the love of Carrie.

    Both men claimed to be in ancient mesopotamia essay questions with Carrie thus the opportunity to fight for her love. How does Drouet relate to them? In what ways are they relevant or […]. The original title of Sister Carrie was to have been The Flesh and the Spirit; this reveals the kind of symbolic pattern Dreiser had in mind. The naturalistic writer presents his theme through symbolic detail.

    She is used by men and uses them in turn to become a successful Broadway actress, while George Hurstwood, the married man who has run away with her, loses his grip zadie smith white teeth essay questions life and descends into beggary and suicide. Sister Carrie was the first masterpiece of American naturalism in its grittily factual presentation of the vagaries of urban life and in its ingenuous heroine, who goes unpunished for her transgressions against conventional morality.

    The emotional disintegration of Hurstwood is a much-praised triumph of psychological analysis. Sister Carrie. Consider how it would affect Sister Carrie if Dreiser's editorial intrusions were removed.

    Essay Questions

    In what ways are they relevant or irrelevant to the major themes? Compare the use of coincidence in Sister Carrie with that in a novel by Dickens or Hardy.

    Find several passages in the novel where style seems to be particularly important. Does the style ever change? In what ways does Hurstwood contribute to his own downfall? How great a part does fate play? Cite several passages where the season of the year relates to the action of the novel.

    Then I will continue to support my theory by analyzing the beginning of known society some three and one half thousands years ago. I will present the individual as creation of societyor more precisely, an ongoing social recursive conditioning. I will also present society as creation of individuals.

    Finally, I will conclude my paper with some thoughts on the paradox of who is the product and who is the producer of the individual and society. Darwin's theory of evolution appears to be unsupported though, because for thousands of years these apes have been there, photography essay questions none of them have developed into human beings nor did Darwin ever find the missing link. Although unproved, there must be a process of evolution.

    And if there was evolutionary process, a few write examples application letter the steps in-between still must be missing. Since man is not asexual, man did not, and could not, survive or prosper by himself This essay will explore and analysis the theories put forward by both Marx and Mead in their approach to sociology and will more closely concentrate on their beliefs of how individuals form identities and Sign Up.

    Sign In. Sign Up Sign In.Of almost equal importance are the priests and priestesses, who mediate between the many gods and the people.

    In all Mesopotamian cultures, priests and priestesses performed essential religious observances, made sacrifices, sister carrie essay questions the calendars and interpreted omens and signs.

    Priests and priestesses were literate and served as healers. The first doctors and dentists were temple priestesses who cared for the ill. While not of the nobility, military officers, scribes and merchants who owned their own trading company were in the upper class. Neither northern or southern Mesopotamia were rich in natural resources so merchants and their trade networks were necessary to obtain essential goods.

    Merchants obtained copper ore from the north in exchange for the manufactured goods of the south, for example. Warfare between Mesopotamian cities was common if not endemic.

    Cities were rivals and competitors and political squabbling was a part of life. High-ranking military officers were greatly rewarded for their victories. Scribes were honored due to their knowledge. It took 12 years to learn cuneiform writing. Scribes worked for the temples, for kings and other noble families and for merchants who needed to keep tract of trades. Scribes also ran scribe schools to teach reading and writing to sons of the nobility. Most Mesopotamian commoners were farmers living outside the city walls.

    However, cities too required commoners as many tasks were involved in running a city efficiently. Most Mesopotamian commoners, whether in the city or countryside, owned small plots of land, sometimes as individuals, but more often as part of their family or clan. Clans and extended families owned land and all members of the family worked that land, at least in the countryside. Even city dwellers might own a small bit of land for a garden.

    Besides farming, Mesopotamian commoners were carters, brick makers, carpenters, fishermen, soldiers, tradesmen, bakers, stone carvers, potters, weavers and leather workers. Women were up and making the morning meal by sunrise. Breakfast was simple but filling: a barley or wheat photography essay questions flavored with onions and garlic or fruit, bread and beer.

    Beer was the favorite Mesopotamian beverage even among the wealthy, who could afford wine. The walls were plastered and whitewashed both inside and out to help reflect the heat. Roofs were flat, and families slept on the roof when it was hot. Because of the hot climate, dress was simple. Men either wore a kilt-like skirt which reached to their ankles or a long robe. They were either clean-shaven oedipus essay questions had long beards.

    Photography essay questions

    Women wore long robes sister carrie essay questions to leave the right shoulder bare. They wore their hair braided, then put it up in fashionable hair dos. They often wore elaborate headdresses and ribbons. Poorer people could only afford wool for their cloth; the wealthier wore linen, a much lighter fabric in hot weather.

    Once the day was over, families congregated for the evening meal, which could be a meat and vegetable stew, or roasted meats such as mutton, lamb, duck or pork served with vegetables, fruit, bread and beer. Cakes were eaten on special occasions, sweetened with honey. Families enjoyed singing and story-telling after dinner. While free commoners held no religious or political power, they could move up the social ladder through marriage or enterprise.

    Some Mesopotamian commoners were successful enough at their trade to buy land, which they could then rent. Commoners were taxed a percentage of their labor or products. They might also be drafted into the military in times of war or to work on public buildings such as temples or palaces. Nevertheless, they often lived comfortable if not luxurious lives. Like many agriculturally-based people, most ancient Mesopotamians were farmers, perhaps photography essay questions percent of them.

    Their lives differed from those of the city-dwellers. While crops grew abundantly in the fertile soil near the rivers, crops grown farther away required irrigation, which meant maintaining dams or canals that led from the river to the fields. Mesopotamian farmers were laborers and their work was physically hard. Roads, canals and aqueducts had to be built and kept up, and crops needed to be sown, weeded and harvested.

    From dawn essay on bullying dusk, men worked in the fields or tended sir gawain essay questions livestock and women worked in the homes, raising children, making baskets and pottery, weaving cloth and cooking. Ancient Mesopotamian houses were either built of mud brick or of reeds, depending on where they were located. People lived in reed houses near the rivers and in wetland areas.

    In drier areas, people built homes of sun-dried mud bricks. Mud brick homes had one or two rooms with flat roofs. The roof was an extra living area where families could cook and sleep on hot nights. Some houses had courtyards with a small garden or fruit trees. Homes, whether reed or brick, were simply furnished with tables, chairs, chests for clothing and kitchen ware.

    People slept on reed mats laid on the floor. A working day started early.

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    Rural people ate twice a day, once early in the morning and a later, after work meal. The first meal might be bread and porridge with beer to wash it down. The later, evening meal might be a spicy vegetable stew, perhaps flavored with onions and fish or meat along with barley bread and beer.

    A hard working farmer or road builder took some bread, dried fruit and a jug of beer or water for a little meal during the working day. In the hot Mesopotamia climate, men who labored wore a pleated skirt of sheepskin, wool or linen if they could afford it. Women wore a long robe, belted at the waist or hips, made of wool or linen.

    Landscape photography essay questions

    Men and women of every class wore jewelry of a type they could afford. Family dinners were much the same as they are today, except that the Mesopotamians enjoyed entertainment during or after their meal. Someone in the family would tell a story, or the whole family would sing. Prayers were offered before a meal, as ancient Mesopotamians were strongly religious and the gods were a major part of their lives.

    While rural life was physically more demanding, people of the countryside in ancient Mesopotamia had good lives. In oedipus essay questions countryside, daily life revolved around the work that had to be done to feed not only themselves, but the city dwellers as well. Rulers took a portion of every crop as taxes. Nevertheless, the fertile soil of ancient Mesopotamia provided enough for all.

    Almost all societies and cultures are hierarchical with rulers at the top and laborers at the bottom. By the time people began living in cities, circa B. Life in a Mesopotamian city began early.

    Women would rise oedipus essay questions and begin preparing a breakfast. In wealthy homes, slaves or servants would be the first ones up to get a meal together.

    Usually two meals were eaten daily, one in the morning before work began and one in the evening after work. The staples of Mesopotamian life were bread, beer and onions. Breakfast might include a porridge or a soup as well as bread with beer to wash it down. People also drank water and milk, though milk spoiled quickly in the hot climate. After breakfast, those who worked in or around their homes began their workday. Most women worked in their homes caring for their families, though some also worked as weavers, potters, tavern-keepers or bakers.

    Those whose work took them outside their homes usually carried some bread and beer for a middle of the day snack. Mesopotamians made sacrifices to one god before beginning a building project and made sacrifices to another god when the building was complete.

    Most cities spread out from this center with the poorer people living farther out. Cities were dotted with fruit and nut trees and some homes had gardens. Narrow, winding streets and alleys were the norm throughout most of the city except in the city center. Most city houses were made of sun-dried mud brick. Temples, palaces and homes of the nobility were also made of mud-brick, but these bricks were kiln-dried and of far higher quality.

    Most houses had two or three stories with flat roofs. I will compare and contrast the geography and its impact, the political structure of each society, the importance of their existing class structures and finally the role of women in these dynamic civilizations.

    Mesopotamia and Egypt were both in flood basins of major rivers. Mesopotamia was. This began civilizations that were controlled by leadership, organization, innovative technology and mainly by geography. An example outline for descriptive essay these civilizations are Egypt, Mesopotamia, and Israel.

    Each of these civilizations had their own advantages, Egypt was brought fertile land from the regular floodings by the Nile River, Mesopotamia was located in the fertile crescent and Israel was in between both of these advanced civilizations, this brought them many new ideas that they would integrate into.

    While Egypt and Mesopotamia grew around like environments eventually political and social life among many other things began to diverge.

    The key feature that drove the Egyptian and Mesopotamian ideology apart was sir gawain essay questions water sources they surrounded. Both civilizations had a dependency on the rivers that they bordered, one big difference was while the Egyptian Nile flooded predictably and annually, the Tigris and Euphrates that the Mesopotamians surrounded had harsh unpredictable ones.

    This is what. Let's take this quiz and learn more about it! This quiz will check your knowledge of the vocabulary associated with this sir gawain essay questions. Several of the words will be used with other civilizations of different time periods, so best to get a real understanding of them now.

    Between the valleys. Between the rivers. Between the deserts. Between the mesas. Between the seas. Mesopotamia Vocab Quiz. Mesopotamia Real Test. Land between the rivers. Land near the ocean. Land with many people.

    Land between the mountains. Gilgamesh opens in a new window Then, read about the afterlife in The Epic of Gilgamesh. Also, incorporate direct references to the primary source s. What is the historical setting for this document? Archaeologists have shown that large-scale irrigation appeared only long after urban civilization had already developed, meaning major waterworks were a consequence of urbanism population Better Essays words 2 pages Preview. Around five thousand years ago, starting in approximately B.

    Mesopotamia and Harappa were similar in that their geography was both surrounded by the rivers. However, they had some distinct differences in their culture, lifestyles, and religions Better Essays words 5. Mesopotamia and the Indus Valley are just two of the many civilizations that relied on nearby rivers. Thousands of years ago, merchants transported only the most precious items-silk, gold and other precious metals and jewels, spices, porcelains, and medicines-via ancient, extended land and sea trade routes, including the famed Silk Road through central Asia.

    Moving goods great distances was simply too hard and costly landscape photography essay questions waste the effort on ordinary products, although people often carted grain and other foods over…. Essays Essays FlashCards. Browse Essays. Show More. Read More. Words: - Pages: 4. Essay The Civilization And The Mesopotamian Civilization The civilization in Mesopotamia, like that in China and Central America, is a rare example of a civilization that developed from scratch with no precedents to borrow from anyone else.

    Words: - Pages: 6.

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