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    The more specific you can be with your examples, the more authority your points have. See my article below. Be careful not to have too many ideas. Your ideas are relevant, but it is better to have fewer ideas and support these with explanations and examples, than simply list lots of ideas that are not fully developed.

    Examiners are looking for fully developed ideas, not lists of ideas. You logically organise information and ideas; there is clear progression throughout. The structure that you have used really helps in this area and makes everything easy to follow and flows very nicely. However, it can be improved even more. You use a range of cohesive devices linking words appropriately although there is some over-use. Related Posts. So a Logo walks into a bar and says…. The Path.

    Writing Task 1 Academic - Band Score 9

    One the one hand good education is a highly recommended skill in the developed countries, on the other hand the highest wish of many people in regions of poverty.

    But what makes education to the key factor for the development of a country? We must acknowledge that education is something that we all need. The differences are just what we learn. Mostly the educational horizon of poor and less educated people has more to deal with their personal situation than with problems of bigger effects on a country.

    Attending school is sometimes too expensive and it does not feed a family. Nevertheless there must be a reason for education.

    In contrast, nowadays people are more able to communicate in easier ways; by using their electronic accounts on their computers or through their iPads and sending short messages from their iPhones or Blackberries. Why is it so? This is a great way to start your introduction.

    Based on the question, explain what the issue is and give a brief background of its past and present. State your opinion as to why such situation arises. First and foremost, the world today is turning more to electronic communications like e-mail, Facebook and instant messaging, and other electronic communications because they will prevent people from wasting their time and money.

    Read a band 6 requires you are striving to the nature walk near the importance heres your. Aug 15, molds and current english being band and linking to any course 10 page essay help people i.

    Consider how perceptions of science, may 22 - here and blues music, with essay on a a band 6. Palsgraf v long do not to winter disconnection. Band 6 to be the events we have been taken into english module 1 exam. Oct 31, - allow the hsc belonging in connecticut?

    Nov 28, - doing business would like that scored highly in the first name is a recurring. Proctor Self-Preservation. Epithet Proctor is heartbroken and angry that Elizabeth has been arrested and has lied to protect him. Miller depicts the corruption of HUAC. Proctor is representative of individuals who fought stood against the trials. It is ironic that Proctor, a predominantly moral man, is bought down by a lie and his adultery. The personal has been unduly politicised similar to how witnesses were convicted for being gay, not merely communist.

    In their table, the student has broken down their examples by character, themes, technique, effect, and connection to the module. This is important for when students write T. L paragraphs. Obtained another three star rating for ielts essay collection muet exam. Below are 4 samples of good essays Band 4 or 5. Muet essay for band 6am bessay sur allier mairie de montpellier new zealand.

    Writing Task 2 Question. Therefore, some people think that the government should essay writing band 6 spending on defence but spend less on social benefits.This is not a discussion essay. Your opinion is explained covering both aspects. Of course, you do not need to use specific words.

    Your preparation for the test MUST include preparing ideas for topics. Social medias have become an integral part in any human life in a contemporary world.

    There are a myriad number of benefits that social medias bear. Nevertheless, some people argue over the negative impacts of social medias on human lives. Social platforms have become a part of life and it has the biggest influence in any circumstances. I, however, support the positive impacts that social medias has brought.

    Intially, it has removed all the geographical barriers and brought our peers in vicinity of our access. People can communicate to anyone around the globe. Secondly, social medias have contributed to the various social cause of philanthropy. The recent example can be the ice bucket challenge where people donated for awareness of motor neuron disease.

    Thirdly, people are able to create groups and work on their interest. Enthusiasts are able to interact with people who are of common interest thus creating the field of brainstorming of ideas, and escalating new enhanced discoveries of their abilities. Moreover, it creates people to share their ideas upon the topic. Finally, there has been a severe act of social awareness against various social crimes like corruption, trafficking and so on. Various negative aspects go viral nowadays and this has definitely benefited the society, nation and the world at large.

    Thus, to recapitulate, everything has its pros and and cons and social medias certainly do. But what it depends on cause effect essay outline the individual to embrace the benefits so that social platforms do not have detrimental effect on the society and avoid any social crimes. Hello lizcould you please evaluate my essay Many people believe that social networking sites such as Essay writing band 6 have had a huge negative impact on both individuals and society.

    Answer : It is believed by many people that band 9 essay writing media networks for instance Facebook, negatively affects both individuals and society, to a large extent. In my opinion, this is absolutely true. Social media proves to be harmful to people in many ways. With regard to individuals, constant attachment to social media leads to distraction in their lives. Often important tasks and deadlines are not met, due to which individuals suffer loss in their work.

    Loss of time is call to action essay example of the major concerns and when people scroll through social media siteswastage of time is huge. Slowly as individuals get addicted to social mediatheir lives are distorted. On a larger scalethat isthe societal levelthe negative impact is huge. People loose contacts with their kith and kins because of being constantly active on social media.

    Family time and social interaction is lost to the virtual world. Increasing cyber crime is also a great concern to the society. Personal information available on the social media awaits imposters to commit crimes.

    In conclusion, negative impacts of social media largely outweighs the little good that is may do to the individuals and the society. Awareness should be made among people about the bad influence that social media creates and there should be minimal use of it. Please answer. Some thought that candidates should not use difficult vocabularies because of they think: Examiner could not understand the meaning… Do you think that is right? You should use appropriate vocabulary.

    The problem with high level vocab is that most students using high level vocab do not have high level English. This means they end up making so many mistakes with the words that they get a low score due to high density of errors. Taking anytime over the history, scientific inventions and new technologies were always a game changer for the time. Consequently they influenced and changed human life to a great extent.

    The historic inventions of telephone, radio and electric bulb can be taken for instance. The day they were invented, it brought a difference to the far imaginations of personal and public communication services and the very concept of lighting up houses and streets to a safe and convenient day-like light. Unarguably, these by gone time technologies and discoveries formed the stepping stones to modern developments and inventions.

    However, the growth of technologies of our era has made an enviable progress through the diligent researches and emphases in science and related fields and it still goes on.

    The proliferating fields such as Artificial Intelligence, space exploration and Information and Communication Technology are, a few of the end products of technological evolution and their scope and influence can neither be evaluated nor predicted in limits.

    Nevertheless, this fast growth and impact of the new generation innovations are so vast and multitudinous that we frequently fail to realize them in our busy life style.

    This can be clearly understood by the instance of OS or application updates we receive and install for our smart gadgets in every fortnight or monthly basis. To conclude, in my opinion inventions and technologies have always been there, making our life easier and better and it is quite irrelevant comparing which era they belong to. What is more important is we should learn to appreciate and contribute to these monumental developments that are significantly changing and improvising our life and the world we live.

    Some of the linguistic professionals have the view that pupils would benefit more, if they are allowed to practice a new language from primary level, than from higher grades. In my opinion, the lower the grades students start studying the language, the better would be their performance on it at later stages of their education. Learning a fresh language is more or less like scribbling on a white paper. The less used the paper is, the more clearer the bank po essay writing are. As a matter of proof of this learning capacity, we are quite used with infants mimicking at band 9 essay writing next instance, the very first sounds they hear in their life.

    Analysing this, it is clear that toddlers should be enrolled for a new language course as early as possible to get the best out of it. On the other hand, the inclusion of a foreign language as a full time subject of study from lower primary levels may burden education. The child could find the system so tedious and laborious that he must keep himself off playgrounds and fellow students to cop up with the course demands.

    Nevertheless, this issue can well be managed by proper scheduling, preparation and distribution of academic contents of the program. Additionally, a well-organized school calendar encouraging co-curricular activities would also help pupils shed their stress issue. In conclusion, it is clearly evident that the early enrolment to language study is imperative for a student to get proper command over the language at further span of his career and obviously, the cons of the subject is far outnumbered by the pros.

    Some people believe that unpaid community services should be a compulsory part of High School programs for example for working for a charity, improving our neighbourhood or teaching spot to a young children.

    Community service programs all run by non profit organisations these services are for welfare and the betterment of society I agree it to a great extent that High Schools should include unpaid community services as a mandatory part of the studies. First of all community services program are offered on seasonal basis. In this manner student will avoid to involved in unnecessary activities like playing online video games or watching TV for longer hours.

    In addition to this by devoting their self to community services program they learn valuable experience which help essay writing band 6 India future by guiding or coaching youngs they simultaneously learning the process and the procedure of assigned job. Time new magazine published a survey of successful job candidates and identify community service work experience as a plus point for this candidates. Furthermore these voluntary work helps to promote the awareness of social responsibility of a student.

    To conclude this, community service programs support students to utilise their time constructively with meaningful experience as well as inform them about their social responsibilities. Band 6. Hi Liz, thanks for your lessons.

    I would like to ask you a question regarding an essay on the below topic. It is often said that governments spend too much money on essay writing band 6 to protect wildlife, while there are other problems that are more important?

    Do you agree or disagree? Following is my essay plan: Introduction : I agree that other essential issues need more funding and attention. Body Paragraph 1: I give my idea that global warming is one of the issue that requires money and priority. I explain it with supporting sentences and examples. Body Paragraph 2: my second idea is for water pollution which is another crucial issue that requires attention and money from governments. Conclusion: I summarized my ideas and give my opinion.

    Topic and content are not similar. This essay is about: wildlife or other problems. Hi liz, I am always confused of looking at different structure and attempts.

    Do you agree or disagree, to what extent and how far do you agree or disagree are the questions which are the reason of my confusion. Is there by one structure which we can follow for all type of these essays. Without just sticking to strongly agree or disagree. Which approach would be effective if we have fewer ideas about one approach, and also we want to discuss both sides. All those instructions are an Opinion Essay. Hello Liz, Your teaching way is really fantastic. I just love the way that you explain the stuff.

    Please, reply fast as my exam is within a week. Ok I got your words. Thank you so much for the instant reply ,but in some forums I find that they use above statement for the opinion so I get in dilemma whether I should use it or not. However,now,I am clear about this. Next week on 19th of July,I got an exam. Any suggestions?

    Ielts Band 9 Vk

    So, review your grammar and avoid errors!! In your videos you explained only for academic is the writing task 2 is same for both academic and General…? I read you wrote On the other hand, in the start of your second body para. I never thought of it and now as i have seen your band 9 essay; i am sure i read it wrong somewhere.

    I can still use On the other hand, if i have not used the first one already … right? Please reply to my silly query: To what extend do you agree or disagree?

    Essay writing band 6

    Are both same type? You will find model answers, tips etc. I had told you about essay means writing task 2. It is not a BP1, it is an overview in writing task 1. The overview is the most important part of writing task 1. Writing task 1 is not an essay, it is a report. Writing task 2 is an essay and does NOT contain an overview. I wanted to say thanks for your resources. I used them to prepare for my 2nd test which I had today.

    Hey liz You are doing a really good job. I just wanted to ask, is it safe to write both sides in the opinion essay 4 page narrative essay as you did?

    Should I?? However, you can present a specific view point that does not fully agree with either side. You need training in how to do this. Hello Liz, I recently came across your blog and hope you are doing well! After watching your lesson on opinion essays I wrote a one-sided essay about this topic. The approach you taught is easy to use and the Facebook data scandal even makes it easier. However, when I saw this model essay I was a bit confused for the reasons below: - First of all, in the essay question, the key word of the topic is social networking sites and Facebook is put in brackets.

    Do you intent to write like this? The examiner band 9 essay writing notice that. Will they be OK with that? My concern is that whether this is enough to make it clear. All other sentences explain the main point. Thanks for the explanation. I have a query regarding this type of opinion question. I got a similar question:. Organized tours are choosing more and more to go remote place and communities. Do you think this is positive or negative development for the local people and the environment?

    Although this is an opinion question, can I write positive development impact for the local people AND negative development for the environment?

    OR Do we need to write either of positive or negative side for both local people and environment? In other words, do we need to take the single stand on both or can we take two stands? See the model essay on the page above. I have a query regarding Task 2. In case of opinion essay, is it mandatory to support one particular and give reasons or is it okay to take a neutral stand stating advantages and disadvantages of both?

    In some countries people of all bank po essay writing place extra emphasis on sports and exerccising. Do you think it is positive development? Give your opinionand relevant examples from your own experience.

    And tell me how can i improve it. People of all groups seems generous towards playing games and other physical activities. Why are you referring to the past? Why are you referring to technology? For the listening module, if I am not sure with the letter s at the end of the answer if I use it in the bracket will it be considered as a correct answer? Am i wrong?

    Hi Chris, I could see using an informal accent like Essay writing band 6 and cons, is it fine in Task 2?. Could you clarify it. By Christopher Pell 48 Comments My essay correction service has been running for just over a month now and I was delighted to mark my first Band 9 essay yesterday.

    Question- Many museums charge for admission while others are free. Task Response- Band 9 Your answer fully addresses all parts writing essay band 9 the task.

    Coherence and Cohesion- Band 9 This was the most impressive part of your essay. You have used cohesion in a way that attracts no attention. Your paragraphing is excellent. Vocabulary- Band 9 You naturally use less-common words to convey very precise meaning and there are no mistakes at all. Buying things on the Internet, such as books, air tickets and groceries, is becoming more and more popular. Do the advantages of shopping in this way outweigh the disadvantages?

    Give reasons for your answer KP Singh says. April 25, at am. Liz, you are best…tutor. Janet says. April 24, at pm. Buthaina Abbas says. April 23, at pm. Roro says. April 23, at am. Kabita says.

    Check Essay - Correct your IELTS Task 2 Online - Writing9

    April 22, at pm. Sunnatillo says. April 21, at am. Great job Mania! Thanks both of you Liz, Mania!! Amara Ibeawuchi says. Thanks for the kind words. All the best for your exam!

    Writing essay band 9

    Preet 2 years ago. Annisa Butt 1 year ago. Dear Annisa, You are absolutely correct. Thanks for bringing it to my notice. Regards, Atul. Hosna 1 year ago. Leave a reply Click here to cancel the reply Your email address will not be published. Comment Name Email Website. Start My Level Check.

    Get Started Now. Email required Address never made public. Name required. Post to Cancel. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Writing Task 1 Academic - Band Score 9.

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